How You Can Make an Impact

1. Sign the petition

2. Put up a lawn sign. Email us at

3. Write to City Council. Email:
Write to the City Council asking them to keep enrollment at 415 and to enforce the Condition Use Permit. Examples of Letters You Can Use to Write to City Hall >

4. Write to the Planning and Transportation Commission (PTC) on what to study for the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) before May 12. Email:
See below for more information.

5. Write to the Palo Alto Weekly, the Daily Post and your favorite social media.


Please write to the PTC asking that they study all impacts of the project, including construction. It's not just the traffic.

Studies on impacts of the increased Castilleja CUP and Expansion Plans should include:

  • Aesthetics (Loss of homes, building a concrete underground garage, loss of mature canopy, industrial look of garage openings and modern campus rebuild)
  • Biological (Cutting down trees, protected and mature) 
  • Cultural (Losing potentially historic home- Lockey house)
  • Noise and Pollution (from many years of construction)
  • Geologic impacts (groundwater, water rerouted around garage to flood streets and homes, damaging residential foundations due to excavation and soil compaction and damage to roads) 
  • Traffic and Safety (Dangers to bikers, many palo alto students, pedestrians, cars with congestion on Embarcadero) in and around Embarcadero and Safe Routes Bryant Street Boulevard and spillover streets)

For examples, see these submitted letters

Most important things for the letter are:

  • Please steer clear of opinion about whether the project should or should not be done. Only state concerns of impacts to the neighborhood. 
  • Include statements, "I would like the EIR to include studies about..."
  • and "I would like the EIR to consider these alternatives..."