Yard Sign Photo Gallery

If you would like a sign, email us at info@pnqlnow.org
Hundreds of signs can be seen throughout the city.

all signs 1100.jpg
castilleja school protest signs
palo alto neighborhoods.JPG
palo alto neighborhoods fight back.JPG
castilleja school ignores neighbors pleas
palo alto neighborhoods2.JPG
castilleja shows contempt for neighbors
palo alto residents fight castilleja expansion.JPG
castilleja expansion bad for palo alto.jpg
stop castilleja
castilleja school misleads neighborhood
Castilleja will demolish the historic Lockey House
palo alto neighborhood
palo alto redwood trees
stately palo alto home
palo alto tree lined streets
palo alto white picket fence
new homes in palo alto
Emerson Street Palo Alto CA
embarcadero road palo alto ca
palo alto street corner with trees
trees blossoming in palo alto california
palo alto fights castilleja
palo alto sidewalks
castilleja is a bully
palo alto streets and flowers
palo alto home
palo alto real estate
palo alto corner lot
palo alto white fence
palo alto sidewalks
palo alto composting bin
Melville Ave Palo Alto CA
palo alto greenery
beautiful palo alto home
castilleja expansion irks neighbors
palo alto residents fight private school